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Your partner in organisational
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Insight SRC has an excellent track record in building high performing teams and organisations through a range of creative and innovative development strategies.

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Welcome to Insight SRC

Insight SRC is a highly-skilled consulting organisation capable of building the productivity and effectiveness of enterprises through innovative and empowering organisational development strategies. We deal with the problem, not the symptom, by creating the tools, knowledge and capacity that our clients can then apply to a self-managed process for cultural and organisational change.

Insight SRC works as a strategic partner with our clients to develop long-lasting relationships. You have the expert understanding of your operating environment. We have the deep conceptual knowledge of HR development and the powerful statistical tools to back it up.

The solutions we develop are not off-the-shelf formats. Our flexibility in thinking and deployment is a result of a holistic approach to organisational issues. Together we work to give you insight into the way your people work, and the pathways for improvement. Together, we create knowledge the most powerful tool of the contemporary organisation.

Working with Insight SRC has a direct and quantifiable impact on the:

* Effectiveness of your people;
* Retention of staff and status as preferred employer;
* Identification of high performing, top talent;
* Management of stress and healthy workplace culture;
* Leadership development;
* Culture of innovation and creativity.



Latest News

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