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Pulse Surveys

The Four Pillars Pulse Survey is an excellent tool for providing an accurate picture of the cultural behavior and level of morale that underpins your teamís success.

It will enable you to identify opportunities for improvement without having to commit to the full survey. If you have previously completed a full survey with Insight SRC, it will enable you to monitor how well your improvement strategy is tracking.

It is based on a subset of questions from our standard survey that measures the four pillars of corporate culture, wellbeing and motivation.

The Four Pillars Pulse Survey provides a time efficient and easy to administer solution for those needing a simple and cost effective survey tool. The survey can be administered throughout the year whenever you need to assess your culture and climate.

The Four Pillars Pulse Survey is based on extensive scientific research and has previously been used in a variety of prominent organisations. Overall, the Four Pillars Pulse Survey is the perfect tool to inform your organisational improvement strategy and ensure your success.

It contains:

*  30 questions which take 5-10 minutes to complete
*  Questions that assess the four cultural pillars of Empathy, Clarity, Engagement and Learning
*  Questions that assess the morale of staff

Following the preparation and distribution of survey reports, support for individual and/or workgroup results interpretation and development options (including coaching sessions, action planning, professional learning and/or development workshops) can be provided, at additional cost, on an as-needed basis.


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