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Staff Profiles

Mr. Geoff Barclay
Ms. Jo Bradshaw
Dr. Peter Cotton
Mr. Roger Dingle
Ms. Kathryn Foster
Ms. Ann Hart
Dr. Peter Hart
Ms. Jenny Lewis
Dr. James Tan

Mr. Geoff Barclay

Geoff Barclay is an associate consultant of Insight SRC and holds post-graduate qualifications in education. He has an extensive background working in Victorian government schools. Geoff is a former teacher, school leader and Senior Education Officer. Over the past 8 years, Geoff has worked closely with Insight SRC on a range of projects related to leadership, school climate, occupational wellbeing and school effectiveness in a wide range of Victorian government schools. This has enabled Geoff to gain considerable experience in the use of Insight SRCís core school improvement methodologies. He is currently working with Insight SRC on a range of leadership and school improvement projects in Victorian government schools and is involved with a program that is designed to assist principals in the catholic education system with understanding the data from their staff, student and parent surveys and linking this to an effective school improvement strategy.

Geoffís key areas of expertise include:

♦ School leadership and management
♦ Teaching and learning
♦ Interpretation of school level data to facilitate school improvement
♦ Use of Ďbottom-upí school improvement tools to engage staff in school improvement activities

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Ms. Jo Bradshaw

Jo Bradshaw is a Human Resources and Organisation Development professional with experience in management development, performance management, talent management, organisational culture and climate, sales and customer service training and managing various HR functions. Skilled at HR strategy development, facilitation, coaching and mentoring staff at all levels to improve performance. Jo has well-developed skills in all aspects of OD, training, generalist HR, policy development, change management and project management. Jo has broad industry experience having worked in the banking and finance, retail, health and telecommunications industries as well as the not-for-profit sector. Some of the organisations Jo has worked with are Ė Telstra, ME Bank, Mayne Health, National Australia Bank, Cadbury Schweppes, Coles Supermarkets, Melbourne Private Hospital, Cook Medical, RMIT, Templestowe Orchards Retirement Village, Baptist Union of Victoria and Pines Learning Neighborhood House.

Joís key areas of expertise include:

♦ Definition, development and measurement of organisational climate
♦ Change management programs which have resulted in significant improvement in organisational culture
♦ Facilitation of team development and team building workshops for teams at all levels
♦ Facilitation of business planning workshops including development of vision, mission, goals and values definition
♦ HR/IR policy development and certification of workplace agreements
♦ Leadership coaching to managers at all levels from frontline team leaders through to senior executives
♦ Design, development and implementation of a complete performance management system
♦ Development and implementation of frontline management programs including delivery and evaluation

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Dr. Peter Cotton FAPS

Peter is a Clinical and Organisational Psychologist specialising in occupational mental health and how organisational environments influence employee behavioural and wellbeing outcomes. He has published a number of book chapters and peer reviewed research papers, and works as an advisor to government and the corporate sector.

Peter served three terms as a Director on the Board of Directors of the Australian Psychological Society and was appointed a Fellow of the Society in 2002.

Peter currently holds the positions of: Director of Psychology Services with Medibank Health Solutions; and Senior Mental Health Clinician, WorkSafe and Transport Accident Commission, Victoria. Peter also holds the following current professional appointments: (a) Mental Health Advisor with SuperFriend (a mental health foundation funded by the industry superannuation funds with 6 million members); (b) Member, Advisory Group, Comcare Centre for Excellence in Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work; and (c) Member, Expert Advisory Group, Mental Health at Work, Beyond Blue.

Peterís key areas of expertise are:

♦ Occupational mental health and wellbeing
♦ Workplace risk and protective factors influencing employee wellbeing
♦ Assessment, management and prevention of work-related psychological injuries

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Mr. Roger Dingle

Mr. Roger Dingle holds a Bachelors degree, Diplomas of Civil Engineering and Education, and Graduate Diplomas in Psychology and Applied Psychology. Roger has worked as a civil engineer, teacher, counsellor, organisational health consultant, training and development consultant, and psychologist. Roger specialises in individual, group, organisational, and community health and performance, and has facilitated cluster, regional, state, national and global groups to help them address their own particular needs. Participants have included engineers, geologists, teachers, accountants, IT staff, off shore oil facility workers, managers, and senior executives from a range of organisations, including water authorities, BHP, as well as in the Health and Education sectors. He combines learnings from his various employment experiences: teaching, BHP Petroleum, and psychology, to assist clients to diagnose, understand and address their strengths and weaknesses using all available information.

Rogerís key areas of expertise include:

♦ Career development
♦ Employee health and wellbeing
♦ Management coaching
♦ Team development
♦ Performance improvement

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Ms. Kathryn Foster

Ms Kathryn Foster holds a Bachelor of Behavioural Science from LaTrobe University with a double major in Psychology and Management, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology from Monash University. Kathryn has expertise in leadership and cultural behaviour, organisational research and analysis, and has extensive experience across both public and private sectors. In particular Kathryn brings expertise in the areas of psychometric appraisals for recruitment and development purposes, and organisational surveying, including climate, engagement and 360 feedback surveys. She also has extensive experience in coaching and the conduct of leadership development training workshops and has considerable expertise in competency analysis and workforce planning. She is an accomplished project manager and has managed many significant organisational improvement projects for clients.

Kathrynís key areas of expertise include:

♦ Organisational and leader development
♦ Workforce planning
♦ Training and development
♦ Organisational research

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Ms. Ann Hart

Ann Hart has an Associate Diploma in Business, Bachelor of Arts Degree, Graduate Diploma in Education and Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. Ann works with the corporate and education section of Insight SRC as a business management, project management and information technology specialist. She has years of experience in the HR arena, with particular skills in design and assessment of competency frameworks and delivery.

Annís key areas of expertise include:

♦ Teaching and learning
♦ Project management
♦ Design and implementation of organizational surveys
♦ Competency framework design and assessment

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Dr. Peter Hart

Dr. Peter Hart holds a Ph.D. in industrial and organisational psychology and is the Director of Insight SRC. Peter is also an Adjunct Professor in the School of Psychology and Deakin University and has worked with a range of organisations throughout Australia, the United Kingdom and North America in the areas of leadership, organisational culture, employee wellbeing, engagement and organisational performance. In particular, Peter developed the organisational health and Four Pillars of Culture Frameworks that are currently being used in a wide range of public and private sector organisations. He has also pioneered the development of new diagnostic techniques that provide organisations with information about the key drivers (i.e., causes) of employee wellbeing, engagement and performance. He has been instrumental in helping organisations to integrate these frameworks and diagnostic systems into the organisational development strategies that have enhanced resulted in significant improvements in wellbeing, engagement and organisational performance. Peter has published extensively in international scientific journals, and is a regular presenter at key international conferences in his field.

Peterís key areas of expertise include:

♦ Occupational stress and morale
♦ Employee opinion surveys and organisational diagnostics
♦ Leadership, culture and climate, wellbeing, engagement and performance
♦ Organisational development and change management strategies

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Ms. Jenny Lewis

Jenny holds a Masterís Degree in Educational Leadership, and a Bachelor of Education. Jenny is an Insight SRC Associate Consultant and an experienced national and international consultant. She provides leadership, coaching, facilitation and program design roles for state, national and international education systems, individual schools, and school leaders to develop innovative and sustainable practices to improve school, staff and student outcomes. Her work targets school and system leadership improvement, individual and team leadership capacity building, teacher quality and the change management strategies that shift 'schooling' to learning. Jenny provides a vibrant mix of strategies that ensure thriving eco-systems of learning are scaffolded through collaboration and connected learning networks to ensure positive impact, growth and development. Jenny has led organisational and systemic reviews and implementations, and has been a member of global leadership teams that have assisted the Australian, Northern Territory, South Australian, Victorian, Abu Dhabi, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Indonesian, Qatar, the Solomon Islands, South African and the Tongan governments to implement micro and macro leadership and teacher quality reforms. Optimum strategies that build leadership capacity and a culture of high expectations, shared vision and values, and critical reflective practices that contribute to a culture of continuous improvement and strategic change are incorporated into these reviews.

Jennyís key areas of expertise include:

♦ Leadership and organisational coaching in schools and education organisations
♦ The design, development and trialling of leadership capability and performance and professional development frameworks, modules and certification programs for education systems
♦ School and system reviews that lead to sustainable and high impact reforms

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Dr. James Tan

James holds a Doctorate in industrial and organisational psychology, and has worked in a variety of public and private sector organisations, in Australia and South East Asia. These include educational and welfare institutions, military organisations and the construction and insurance industries. Over the past 12 years, James has developed extensive experience in the areas of recruitment, succession planning, and psychological measurement. Within these areas, James has worked with major Australian insurance companies and the Australian Insurance Institute to develop a standardised competency profile system for roles across the insurance industry. James also has extensive experience in program evaluation, organisational climate assessment, data collection and analysis, assessing service standards for welfare organisations and the effectiveness of information technology upgrades at a local university.

Jamesí key areas of expertise include:

♦ Organisational behaviour
♦ Data and systems management
♦ Psychometric analysis
♦ Project Management

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