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Insight SRC is a highly skilled consulting organisation capable of building the productivity and effectiveness of enterprises

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About Us

Insight SRC is a highly skilled consulting organisation capable of building the productivity and effectiveness of enterprises through innovative and creative people development strategies.

We work with government, education and corporate clients to achieve improvement in the performance and productivity of people: in a word, we deliver the insight that helps you achieve improvement through high-performing teams and excellent leadership skills.

Our approach to consulting is driven by a strong focus on results: delivering innovative solutions and creative strategies that produce quantifiable, step-change benefits for clients in the following areas:
*  Executive development and leadership capability
*  Staff productivity and engagement
*  People and skill retention
*  Human resource management systems
*  Organisational learning and development
*  Management of work/life balance


Today Insight SRC is a multi-divisional organisational with specialists dedicated to the three main sectors of our work:
*  Corporate
*  Education
*  Government

Our Organisational Development division has the conceptual strength and knowledge to deliver the latest thinking and research when it comes to designing and delivering surveys, diagnostics and change management programs.

Our Statistical Group has some of the best practitioners in the areas of survey design, analysis, sampling and verification.

In addition, we have a strong consulting capability that is available to clients during the diagnosis and development stages of a project, and again when it comes to implementation and development of leadership, change management and morale improvement programs.

We have experience with small projects involving deep analysis and individual mentoring through to major cross-industry activities involving tens of thousands of employees.

We work with clients who are interested in the same things we are building strong relationships based on empathy, clarity, engagement and learning.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

We are world leaders in building high performing cultures.

Our Mission

We do this by building mutually beneficial partnerships and applying dynamic and holistic evidence-based processes to create improvement.

Our Values

Our values are:

*  Empathy optimising trust, respect and understanding
*  Clarity optimising a sense of purpose, focus and accountability
*  Engagement optimising teamwork, empowerment and shared ownership
*  Learning optimising challenge, personal growth and continuous improvement


Suite 4, 739a Main Road, Eltham VIC 3095  ph:+61 3 8611 0600  fx:+61 3 8611 0611
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