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360 Degree Feedback

Leaders play a crucial role in every organisation, in that their individual behaviour has a significant impact on the employees they lead and the way their organisations and teams perform. As a result, leaders have a continual need to review their effectiveness in facilitating the cultural behaviours and performance of the teams they lead.

The Insight SRC Leadership 360 Degree Feedback Tool is available in different versions that have been tailored to the private and public sectors, as well as school and higher education environments.

This tool measures leaders’ own views about their leadership style, as well as the views of a number of different raters, including peers, supervisors and direct reports, on three key focus areas that have been show to influence staff wellbeing, engagement and performance. These three areas are:

• Focus on people - the key behaviours that underpin human leadership

• Focus on development - the key behaviours that enable people to grow, develop and adapt to change

• Focus on core business - the key behaviours that contribute to the quality of outputs and organisational success

The Insight SRC Leadership 360 Degree Feedback Tool assists leaders by:

• building awareness of leadership relationships and expectations

• providing feedback from (and gives a voice to) a range of key stakeholder groups

• providing a comprehensive perspective of leadership effectiveness

• providing personal insights into the impact of leadership

• aligning development actions to differing leadership contexts

• providing accurate, valid, reliable feedback that links to broader organisational and school improvement initiatives

• evaluating the effectiveness of development activities


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