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Psychometric Testing

Insight SRC offers psychometric assessment for both recruitment and development. We use instruments which have been scientifically peer reviewed which means the instruments have undergone vigorous testing in real-world research studies and have been proved to be valid, reliable and predictive of success. Using psychometric testing for development can assist leaders to enhance their self-awareness of the aspects of their personal style which contribute to their success. It will also assist leaders to build an understanding of those aspects of their personal style which can sometimes be a barrier to success. Armed with this evidence based understanding, leaders are able to implement targeted improvement plans that will build on their strengths and develop strategies to overcome any barriers to success. Using psychometric testing for recruitment can make a significant difference to the culture of an organisation by ensuring only individuals who have the intellectual capacity to do the job and are predisposed to work in a more proactive rather than reactive space are recruited. Recruiting a person unsuitable for a job can not only incur a loss of fees associated with recruitment and training, but can also have a significant impact on the morale and performance of an organisation.

Assessments most commonly used by Insight SRC’s clients

Below are the assessments which are most commonly used by our clients, for both recruitment and development. When recruiting, we recommend all candidates which have been short listed undergo psychometric testing.


Insight SRC uses capability measures from the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). These measures are widely used in the workplace setting and help us to understand an individual’s capacity to perform certain tasks.

ACER ML – Verbal Reasoning – assesses ability to reason with words and communication.

ACER MQ – Numerical Reasoning – assesses ability to reason with numbers and arithmetic.

ACER APTS – Abstract Reasoning – assesses the capacity to solve abstract problems such as strategy and tactics.

Personal Style

Insight SRC uses the Costa and McRae NEO PI-R, a highly valid and reliable tool which provides a systematic assessment of emotional, interpersonal, experiential, attitudinal, and motivational styles. The NEO PI-R is a concise measure of the five major domains of personality and the six facets that define each domain:

Neuroticism (lower is more desirable) - Anxiety, Hostility, Depression, Self-Consciousness, Impulsiveness, Vulnerability

Extroversion (higher is more desirable) - Warmth, Gregariousness, Assertiveness, Activity, Excitement-Seeking, Positive Emotions

Openness (depends on the job type) - Fantasy, Aesthetics, Feelings, Actions, Ideas, Values

Agreeableness (higher is more desirable) - Trust, Modesty, Compliance, Altruism, Straightforwardness, Tender-Mindedness

Conscientiousness (higher is more desirable) - Competence, Self-Discipline, Achievement-Striving, Dutifulness, Order, Deliberation


We recommend use of the Reid Report which provides insight into a candidate’s attitude towards negative workplace behaviours and the likelihood of engaging in behaviours such as conflict, misappropriation of funds/materials, disregarding safety regulations or acting dishonestly. This assessment is shown to be highly predictive of negative workplace behavior, particularly in longer term employment.

Predicting Success

The table below outlines how strong certain recruitment methods are in predicting job performance (validity ranges from 0-1). These results are based on a wide range of published studies.

MeasuresValidity (r)
Cognitive ability and Integrity0.65
Cognitive ability and Structured Interviews0.63
Cognitive ability and work sample0.60
Work sample tests0.54
Cognitive ability0.51
Structured interviews0.51
Job knowledge tests0.48
Integrity Tests0.41
Personality tests#0.40
Assessment Centres0.37
Unstructured interviews0.35
Years job experience0.18
Years of Education0.10

#Big 5 with a focus on Neuroticism, Conscientiousness and Agreeableness

Source: Modified from Robertson, I.T & Smith, M. (2001) Personnel Selection Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology (2001), (74), 441-472.


Pricing for psychometric testing can vary between $200 and $300 per participant depending on the volume and the type of tests used.

If you are interested in utilising these tools for recruitment or development purposes within your organisation please contact one of our consultants by phone on (03) 8611 0600 or email at and we will be happy to recommend the most appropriate tools based on the outcome you are wanting to achieve.


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