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Employee Opinion Surveys

Our goal is to provide meaningful insights that have the power to give our clients the certainty to improve the culture and performance of their organisations. This is achieved through a range of diagnostic and improvement services that include:

Sample Surveys

We have considerable experience in conducting sample surveys that are designed to provide accurate and reliable information about individual, workgroup, or organisation-wide issues, in a simple and cost efficient manner.

Organisational-Wide Surveys

Our well-designed systems enable us to implement organisation-wide surveys in an efficient flexible, and timely manner, to provide our clients with a dynamic information system about a range of people management and organisational issues.

Value-Added Analysis of Existing Survey Information

We offer a range of value-added analyses that enable our clients to capitalise on their existing survey information (e.g., establishing the reliability and accuracy of existing information, using existing information to establish the key drivers of important outcomes or providing user-friendly feedback reports that are immediately useable at all levels within the organisation).

Guarantees for Success

The effective design, conduct, analysis and implementation of an employee opinion survey requires a level of sophistication that should come with peace-of-mind and the certainty of success. Insight SRC provides this certainty through the following guarantees about the quality of its services:

*  Guaranteed reliability and validity of its survey instrumentation.
*  Guaranteed minimum response rates.
*  Guaranteed ability to establish the key drivers of important outcomes.
*  Guaranteed ability to link employee opinion data to other performance indicators.
*  Guaranteed ability to provide timely feedback reports that are immediately useable at all levels of the organisation.

Insight SRC is one of the first providers of organisational diagnostic systems to provide these guarantees, and reflects our commitment to providing value-added services of the highest professional standard.


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